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What Is This?

Javascript obfuscator is an online javascript scrambler/obfuscator that allows you to obfuscate and hide your javascript code. Encoding your javascript files may decrease the load of server for loading script from 30% to 80%. It does not affects the functionality of the page. The javascript obfuscation is genrally used to protect and securely hide your javascript in encrypted manner.

How it works?

  • it replaces symbol names/identifiers with non-meaningfull ones.
  • it do replace the charactes in strings with thier respective hex escapes.
  • numeric constants are replaced expressions.
  • Removes Comments.
  • Trims/removes spaces and tabs and blank lines in the code.
  • joins all the lines of code together.

Benefits of Obfuscating your js files

  • Your code can not be read easily.
  • Most of the time result are not affected.
  • You can also combine more than one js files to reduce http requests.
  • obfuscator as algorithms also works with jQuery!

Javascript obfuscation Method Used

Javascript obfuscation uses Node OBF for all javascript obfuscation.

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